Building Early Language Skills

14 Mind-Powered Toys For Building Language With Preschoolers: Batteries Not Required

Older toddlers & preschoolers learn by doing.  Children this age are in constant motion as they develop language & play skills. The emergence of imaginative play & interactive, collaborative play comes to life in preschoolers.  Start building your preschooler's toy collection with these 14 must-have toys, and you will be well on your way to … Continue reading

Building Early Language Skills

Choosing Toys To Facilitate Play & Language

The holiday season has arrived. Parents are busy shopping for the latest and greatest toy for their little ones. Friends & family members are brainstorming what to buy for new and expecting parents.  Before you dash off to the store or click the purchase button, take a moment to reflect on which toys will do … Continue reading

Building Early Language Skills

Go Play

The back-to-school season is in full swing. Teachers to meet. Back-to-school nights to attend. Homework to complete. Extracurricular activities to schedule.  Giving advice to parents to do just one more thing during this busy season seems to be a bit untimely. So what can you do? Turn the phone off. Shut down the computer. Forget about … Continue reading