Building Early Language Skills

14 Mind-Powered Toys For Building Language With Preschoolers: Batteries Not Required

Older toddlers & preschoolers learn by doing.  Children this age are in constant motion as they develop language & play skills. The emergence of imaginative play & interactive, collaborative play comes to life in preschoolers.  Start building your preschooler's toy collection with these 14 must-have toys, and you will be well on your way to … Continue reading

Early Identification

Can You Identify The Early Signs Of Communication Disorders?

It happens every day. Parents wait and wait for those first words, but they just don't come. Other times, a child is already using words to communicate but parents have questions about whether or not their child's skills are developing at a typical pace. After some time passes, parents may visit a pediatrician to share … Continue reading

Building Early Language Skills

3 Ways to Build Your Child’s Language Today

1.  Read. Of course giving parents advice to build language by reading to their child goes without saying.  Or, does it?  For many families, fall is the busiest time of the year.  When life & school get busy it's amazingly easy to forget to stop, find a quiet spot, sit down,  and read. Reading aloud … Continue reading